Living at home with parents and dating

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Many people still choose to live with their parents even though they have a decent job and they’re already at their thirties.Many of them would stay with their parents until they get married.“This profile report on Households and Families examines the family situations and living arrangements of the Irish population in April 2016,”senior statistician Deirdre Cullen said.“It provides a wealth of information and analysis on topics such as marital status, same sex civil partnerships and the different types and sizes of family composition and households”.It does not only save my time to travel for work but also from most of the places in Hong Kong.In addition, I gain my personal space and freedom by independent living.

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You can read the transcript at any time if you want to.From my new apartment, it just takes me thirty minutes so I saved forty-five minutes’ travelling time.I don’t have to get up so early and I save two-third of my travelling cost.It also shows that the decline in the ‘average’ family size is slowing.The number of families with children increased by 28,455 to 862,721.

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